Analytical Capabilities


Robust set of tools enabling our team to operate at a high degree of efficiency across multiple scale levels

Solutions Analytics CapabilitiesNorquay's analytical lab allows us to support R&D and production and test manufactured materials to ensure we're meeting precise customer specifications.

The lab includes a variety of wet techniques, colorimetric measurements, GC, GC-MS, HPLC and other techniques. We partner with our customers and local outside firms to analyze intermediates and final products to specification if any analytical techniques are not available in-house (such as NMR and ICP). Norquay can supply the full range of characterization techniques needed for development and commercialization product testing.

Our analytical group routinely develops and implements new testing methodologies in support of R&D and scale-up. This group also handles the in-process testing activities for manufacturing operations. The analytical group is integral to the collecting and tracking of process data as part of our on-going Statistical Process Control (SPC) activities.