The ability to adapt to rapidly changing production quantity needs

We are equipped to handle manufacturing needs at all ends of the production spectrum. Whether you need a few grams of a material (or class of materials) for initial testing and qualification, multiple kilograms for development or commercial trials, or material routinely produced at full commercial production levels, we have you covered.

With over 30 years in business, we have lived and breathed chemical synthesis and manufacturing for a long time, and our plant has state-of-the art machinery that enables our team to quickly increase production levels without loss of quality or efficiency. With our expertise in molecules used in an array of different markets, we're well positioned to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers and partners.

A focus on reaction and process safety combined with a practical view of the production process enables our team to safely and efficiently scale to full commercial quantities (multiple metric tons) with an efficiently executed development and production plan.

Learn more below about the different manufacturing solutions we offer.

Bench Scale »

A team of experts who embrace unique chemistry challenges.

Kilo Lab Scale »

Test new materials and precursors while our team prepares to scale production.

Pilot Plant Scale »

The quantities you need to test end product production capabilities and prepare for commercial launch.

Production Scale »

Large batch reactors and peripheral processing equipment enables metric ton production levels.

Analytical Capabilities »

Robust set of tools enabling our team to operate at a high degree of efficiency across multiple scale levels.