Product Lines

Alkyl sulfonates

HPLC Alkyl Sulfonates:

Used for diagnostics in HPLC analysis, the 1(n-alkyl) sulfonates serve as counter ions in ion pair chromatography, in both reverse phase liquid and thin layer chromatography.
The 1-butane to 1-dodecane compounds in the series have been used in separation and quantitative determination of amino acids and peptides, of nucleosides, of vitamin B4 compounds, of forensic drugs and of neuropeptides, as well as various other pharmaceutical applications.
The best resolution and determination of a compound requires a different chain length of the 1-n-alkyl sulfonate as a function of substrate environment. 3-Methyhistidine is best resolved, for example, by elution with 1-hexane in urine, 1-heptane in plasma, 1-octane in amniotic fluid but with 1-nonane in muscle tissue.

Industrial Alkyl Sulfonates:

Norquay is customer-driven in product development and can offer all of the alkyl sulfonates as "technical" grades, which are employed in biological and industrial applications (paint, agricultural, adhesive and plasticizer). Current products are available as a water solution or slurried in water. (Consult the "Industrial Alkyl Sulfonate" product bulletin for commercial availability.)