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Rigid standards drive quality and minimize operational risk

norquay safety quality reliabilitySafety:

Years of experience safely handling pyrophoric, corrosive and many other dangerous raw materials, intermediates and final products has led Norquay to become a premier supplier of difficult to source materials for a variety of both large and small companies. Process safety is critical to our customers and our business. Our work process systems, reaction and process safety reviews, and a constant concern with safe chemical operations has been integral in our success over the past 30+ years of manufacturing.


As an IS0-9001:2015 certified manufacture, Norquay's Quality Management System (QMS) is the foundation our of dedication of a consistent quality spanning R&D studies through full manufacturing. We work with customers to define the specifications they need to succeed and our QMS system guarantees the products we deliver meet or exceed customer's standards each time. Independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions provide the checks and balances necessary to maintain high quality and consistency in every material we produce and deliver.


30 years in the business. Financially solid. Committed to our customer's success. Norquay is a valued long-term partner with our customers as we enable them to commercialize and establish supply to the market. The majority of the customers we work with continue to return to us to address their new projects and challenges.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration

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