Chemistry & Chemical Engineering


Processes honed over 30 years to efficiently identify solutions and safely scale production

norquay chemistry periodic tableThrough a focused Phase-Gate work process, Norquay excels at the commercialization of products from the discovery phase through full commercial manufacturing. Our work process focuses on the design of safe and consistent manufacturing processes to ensure a consistent quality from the beginning (with initial R&D samples) to full commercial production (hundreds to thousands of kilograms or more).

Combining process chemistry and chemical engineering at the onset of the project ensures that the material produced in early development phases is of consistent quality with material produced at commercialization phases, and safe operations are followed throughout scale-up. Focusing on the long-term commercial process early in development ensures that a viable safe and responsible commercial process is developed preventing surprises as the demand increases. Statistical monitoring of our processes helps to ensure a consistent supply once manufacturing is commenced.


The processes our team of in-house PhD chemists develop are robust and optimized -- yielding the desired molecule with consistent, premium quality levels at the lowest cost.

Chemical Engineering

Our world-class team of chemical engineers bring expertise that ensures our processes are safe, reliable, scaleable and cost effective to meet market demands.