Single-Site Catalysts L.L.C. Acquires Assets of Süd Chemie Catalytica L.L.C.

Single-Site Catalysts L.L.C., of Chester, PA has acquired the assets of Süd Chemie Catalytica L.L.C., of Mountain View, CA under terms to permit the continuation of customer-focused product development, on April 2, 2002. The parents of the Süd Chemie Catalytica L.L.C. joint venture are Süd Chemie Inc., a division of Süd Chemie Ag (Germany) and Catalytica Energy Services, Inc. of Mountain View, CA. Single Site Catalysts was the name used prior to the joint venture with Süd Chemie and Catalytica. The new owners will operate Single-Site Catalysts as a stand-alone entity to reflect the new focus on catalysts for the polyolefin industry.

Single-Site Catalysts, L.L.C. will continue the road started in 1996 by then Catalytica, Inc. to leverage their catalyst development into polyolefin catalyst markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. Key components of the operation include synthesis technology developed by Catalytica, Mountain View, California operations starting at gram scale and utilizing Honeywell Inc. Buffalo, NY pilot facility to commercialize production scale with final customers.

Plant scale synthesis will continue at Honeywell, but will transition to Norquay Technology Inc. of Chester, PA. Norquay has been active in making the organic ligands of metallocene catalysts since 1989. In 1995, a program was started to forward integrate into final metallocenes for customers. With the partnering of Single-Site Catalysts development pipeline and Norquay production capabilities, the customer will have the ability to achieve "one-stop shopping" from development of target ligands to final metallocene to support plant catalyst requirements. Robert Heldt, President of Norquay and Single-Site Catalyst, L.L.C. stated, "the combination of Süd Chemie Catalytica's development pipeline and Norquay manufacturing capabilities will allow tight control of the customer product commercialization. The transition of new products will occur over time." Ian Shankland of Honeywell Inc. stated, "our goal is not to leave any customers short on product and to provide a clean transition to support production at Norquay of the product we made for Süd Chemie Catalytica."

Single-Site Catalysts and Honeywell will continue the joint development efforts of Boron co-catalysts started by Süd Chemie Catalytica in 1999. Single-Site Catalysts will be marketing and selling the Boron co-catalysts into the polyolefin markets.

The new business model at Single-Site Catalysts will call for customer-driven development and commercialization. In meeting with key customer accounts, Robert Heldt reports, "many of the customers are well known from prior commercial projects. We see a smooth transition and integration of product offerings to support customer commercialization efforts in 2003 as new metallocene catalyst systems come on stream."

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