Norquay Technology, Inc. Completing Phase III of Plant Expansion

Chester, PA – Norquay Technology Inc., located in Chester, PA is completing Phase III of Production capacity expansion in April 2002. Robert Heldt, President and Founder of Norquay states, In November 2001 we saw an opportunity to add capacity at reduced cost from vendors for both equipment and cost of installation. We decided to invest in expanding our commercial plant during this period of low cost. In addition, we had limited impact on operations from a slower than normal Fourth Quarter production schedule. We now have increased capacity to meet customer driven inquiries and are looking at adding new business as a result of our diligent pursuit of customer inquiries.

The plant expansion consists of glass-lined and stainless steel production equipment from 100 gallon to 1250-gallon volume. The 100-gallon unit will be a high vacuum, batch distillation vessel with all glass or Teflon® construction. The equipment is designed for flexible projects and difficult distillations using 15-plate structured packing for difficult separations.

Norquay is a focused, low-cost manufacturing company with a diversified customer base, serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, plastic and film, digital imaging, catalysts and surfactant industries. The installation of equipment during an economic downturn to take advantage of low-cost installation is a reflection of the contrary business style needed to maintain a low-cost position.

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