Over 30 Years Strong

We've been developing advanced precursors for companies around the world since the 1980s

  • 2018

    Norquay Technology acquired by MPD Chemicals

  • 2017

    ISO 9001 Audit

  • 2014

    Increased presence in the security ink market

  • 2012

    Began supplying wafer fabrication materials

  • 2005

    Installed Hastelloy Filter Dryers

  • 2002

    Acquired Single Site Catalyst LLC - expanded footprint in Catalyst & Ligand materials to include customers producing polyolefins world-wide

  • 2000

    The plant was expanded -- doubling the capacity with the addition of 3 new reactors totaling 2500 gallons in size.

  • 1995

    Begin making polyolefin catalyst & ligand materials. Also landed the first projects with industry titans in basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products

  • 1987

    Norquay Technology speciality chemicals business is incorporated. In the early days, the company focused on small scale synthesis of chemicals for photographic, diagnostic and security products.