Our Plant

Our facility, located on the waterfront in Chester, Pennsylvania, was first constructed in 1925 by the Ford Motor Company as an automobile assembly plant.

Commercial Production Scale Equipment:


12 – 500 gallon
Temperature: -10°C to 165°C
Vacuum: as low as 1 Torr

Glass, glass-lined/Teflon wetted surfaces
- includes a 100 gallon 15-plate all glass/Teflon® system

Structured packing:
100 gallon vessel - Ceramic – 6” diameter
250 gallon vessel - 316 SS – 6” diameter 18 theoretical plates
1,500 gallon vessel - 316 SS – 8” diameter 15 theoretical plates


Sparkler, Filtration Engineering
Filter Dryers
Vertical Plate Filters
Line Filters


*All vacuum dryers are equipped with condensers, receivers, and dust collectors
Teflon-lined double cone dryer
316 SS rotary vacuum dryer
Filter Dryers


Steam: 150 psi
Hot Oil: to 250°C (future)
Chiller: to -20°C
Cooling Tower Water
Compressed Air
Breathing air

Analytical Lab:

To support production as well as lab development, scale-up and commercialization

HPLC [UV visible],
GC [column and capillary],
IR, UV spectrophotometers,
Karl Fischer.

We also run the classic wet chemistry analyses, and take advantage of nearby NMR, GC-MS and EPA-certified lab testing.