Norquay welcomes Dr. Don Morrison as Director of Business Development

Norquay Technology, Inc., (NQ), a small fine and specialty chemicals manufacturer located in Chester, PA, welcomes Dr. Don Morrison as Director of Business Development. Don’s responsibilities are largely to bring NQ to new customers and into new markets, especially those at the cutting edge of the consumer/technology interface.

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Norquay Technology, Inc. Completing Phase III of Plant Expansion

Chester, PA – Norquay Technology Inc., located in Chester, PA is completing Phase III of Production capacity expansion in April 2002. Robert Heldt, President and Founder of Norquay states, In November 2001 we saw an opportunity to add capacity at reduced cost from vendors for both equipment and cost of installation. We decided to invest in expanding our commercial plant during this period of low cost. In addition, we had limited impact on operations from a slower than normal Fourth Quarter production schedule. We now have increased capacity to meet customer driven inquiries and are looking at adding new business as a result of our diligent pursuit of customer inquiries.

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Single-Site Catalysts L.L.C. Acquires Assets of Süd Chemie Catalytica L.L.C.

Single-Site Catalysts L.L.C., of Chester, PA has acquired the assets of Süd Chemie Catalytica L.L.C., of Mountain View, CA under terms to permit the continuation of customer-focused product development, on April 2, 2002. The parents of the Süd Chemie Catalytica L.L.C. joint venture are Süd Chemie Inc., a division of Süd Chemie Ag (Germany) and Catalytica Energy Services, Inc. of Mountain View, CA. Single Site Catalysts was the name used prior to the joint venture with Süd Chemie and Catalytica. The new owners will operate Single-Site Catalysts as a stand-alone entity to reflect the new focus on catalysts for the polyolefin industry.

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Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED), Electronic Applications, and the Digital Electronics Industry

Norquay has been active in the synthesis of photographic materials since 1987. With the advent of digital imaging and home printing applications, Norquay applied its chemical synthesis and purification skills to support the dramatic industry change from chemical film photography to digital recording and print technology.

The majority of this work is driven by customer specific inquiries under Confidentiality Agreements. We welcome customer inquiries to work under Confidentiality Agreements. We also offer some standard, non-proprietary compounds used in OLEDs. The materials are purified to meet the demanding electronics purity requirements for OLED applications. These materials are available to support commercial applications and demonstrate our ability to manufacture materials.

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Governor’s Excellence Award Accepted By Robert Heldt, President of Norquay Technology, Inc.

Robert Heldt, President and Founder of Norquay Technology Inc., accepted Governor Ridge’s Governor Excellence Award on September 25, 2001 for expanding Norquay Technology’s sales in exporting of Pennsylvania made products.

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