About Norquay Technology

NQ Technology is a small fine and specialty chemicals manufacturer located near Philadelphia, PA. It is surprisingly diversified for a small company, but its size is deemed an asset and it is a company definitely on the move. With sales equally distributed between custom manufacturing and proprietary product platforms, business development is focused on the latter, which include new market ventures as well as growth of existing products. The business is Mind-Mapped, providing a unique perspective in analysis, which in turn affords an excellent narrative to introduce the company, its business model, strengths/weaknesses, physical plant, and product lines.

Sales are currently split evenly between custom manufacturing & proprietary line products

  • Benzophenones
  • Sodium Alkyl Sulfonates
  • Substituted Phenylhydrazines
  • Heterocycles
  • Metallocenes & their Ligands
  • Specialty Cyanoacetates
  • Chlorendate esters
  • et al.

Used in areas like:

  • UV stabilizers
  • Specialty surfactants
  • Catalysts for polyolefin production
  • Medical adhesives
  • Specialty flame retardants
  • Intermediates for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, etc. manufacture

Expansion of our current product lines and aggressive development of new platforms in new areas, are the focus of Business Development, whose target is the doubling of sales within a realistic timeframe.
In addition to the intense discipline needed to make the very sensitive metallocenes,
one distinguishing feature of NQ is seamless scale-up, from laboratory continuously through kilo-lab, pilot plant, and commercial production to 1,600 gal scale, supported by

  • Strong R&D for process development
  • Analytical & QC/QA support, with local access to more sophisticated instrumentation in the Philadelphia area
  • Engineering
  • EHS

While others claim to be, NQ truly is your ‘One-Stop Shoppe’, your RELIABLE partner in getting to your market, and staying there.

About Norquay Mind Map

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